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Make life super easy with this ebook - take the guesswork out of eating and cooking, and utilise our meal guide and shopping list. 2 weeks worth of delicious meals. Either dip in and out or go for a full on 14 day plant based binge!!!


You will get:

  • 40 amazing and delicious plant based recipes with photos - so you can see what amazing meals you'll be making!*
  • Meal Guide for 14 days - so you don't have to plan your day and can focus on all the other exciting things you may have planned!
  • Shopping list for 14 days worth of eating - to let you smash that supermarket visit quicker and more efficiently!
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts - so whatever you feel like eating - there's something tasty you can make.
  • Breakdown of calories and other macronutrients - so you know what is going into your body - knowledge is power!
  • PLUS - MyFitnessPal Barcodes to add straight to your account (if you have one) - this will save you even more time to go and live your best life!


*Recipes include some from our packs 1A and 1B


40 Easy and Delicious Vegan Recipes - with meal guide & shopping list!

  • File is in PDF format.  Please download and keep but respect us by not sharing with others.  Personal use only.  No reproduction or copying allowed.