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Our pre-launch of our Total Body Clean Up Challenge!!!


Early bird access @ just £28.00 for our 28 days!!


We are super excited to launch this special habit based challenge. 


Your health is your wealth and our habits make or break that.  The more healthy habits you have, the better you will feel overall!

It's an easy to follow habit builder - 4 weeks worth of building new and healthy habits - you implement a habit week one, and slowly add habits throughout the challenge until by the end you have 4 new healthy habits in your repertoire!

The challenge is divided up into 4 weekly goals

Each week builds on the previous weeks habits – so you can tackle it all in bite-sized chunks! 

You will get:

  • A Total Body Clean Up E-book - which will give you all the information you need
  • Healthy Habits Tracker Sheet - to keep focus and track of your habits as you master them
  • Smoothie Sheet - an editable sheet so you can create and keep your favourite smoothie recipes
  • Goal Sheet - a way to get your mindset right from the very beginning
  • Cheat Sheets - an easy to follow weekly sheet to detail what you need to do!
  • Supportive Emails for help and accountability (sign up with link in Ebook once received)

The rules are simple:
1. Read your  "Total Body Clean Up" Ebook for your 4 weekly nutrition habits.

2. Sign up for our emails!
3. Each week will be a different nutrition challenge to help you cut calories, detox and add nutrients to your daily diet.
4. Log your habit completion daily on your "Healthy Habits" Tracker.
5. At the end of the 28 day challenge, submit your completed Healthy Habits Tracker to within 48 hours of challenge end date.  You need accountability to make habits stick!!
6. Send us your completed habit tracker (doesn't matter if you missed a few days - we don't judge!) to be entered for a monthly FREE prize draw.  You've got to be in it to win it!!!

***PLEASE make sure that you are cleared by your doctor to participate in a new eating strategy.

Total Body Clean Up Challenge - 28 days

£49.99 Regular Price
£28.00Sale Price