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Rehabilitation... why bother?

Rehabilitation (Sometimes a never ending journey… so why bother???)

Over the years I have come across many clients who are all struggling or fighting their own body/mind battles. They don’t know where to start or how to keep going once they do start. Some may have long term health issues, injuries which will never fully heal, age-related conditions, mental health issues etc... Those who give up, will never gain happiness, but will only be all-consumed in their suffering and that will be all they see. I am not saying it is easy, believe me, but you do have an element of choice as to how you deal with your individual situation.

What I have witnessed and what I know in my heart is that if you focus on the good, no matter how small, you will see some improvements, you will see glimmers of hope, you will draw yourself up from your current state of mind. No matter how small you must celebrate these improvements.

So rehabilitation – why bother? Whether it is physical or mental you will need to put energy in to get any kind of benefit out. If you put that energy in, it may be so difficult at first but as per everything in life, anything worth having is never easy. Yet, it will get easier. It may feel like an uphill struggle, but make sure you are looking at all the positives you have already. Keep it in perspective.

I speak from experience, although will never profess to know how anyone else feels. We are all fighting our own battles and travelling our own journeys with its own twists and uncomfortable, unexpected turns. Those that know me will know my history, how I have had to rehabilitate mind and body since childhood. Most recently, undergoing my 3rd major abdominal surgery in April 2015. I will admit sometimes it has been so tough I often wondered… why bother? But I knew that quality of life consists of being sound of mind, not just of body. So when my body was out of action, I made sure I put good things into myself. Good nutrition, happy thoughts and exercise when I was able.

Now I am hopeful after putting all that effort in, and feeling out of the worst of it all, knowing it was definitely worth it. If I hadn’t put in all that effort over the years, maybe I would be in a terrible place right now.

However, my battles have hardened me, I am still humbled by so many clients I see able to push through their issues and boundaries, which in turn inspires me to be better, to improve more and for that I thank them.

That is why you bother. That is why you care. Not just for you, but for those you may inspire along the way – friends, family, children, strangers. You have the ability to change not only your life, but someone else’s too. I only hope I can inspire one person to stay focused and positive and it will all have been worth it.

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