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What to eat at Christmas on a Plant Based Diet!

I have been vegan now for 5 years - the first year was the hardest getting used to adjusting mindset and years of conditioning to believe that we, as humans, needed meat, dairy and eggs. Learning that every single nutrient we need to thrive as a human is something we can get from plants and in fact, is originally in plants anyway - kinda blew my mind, but also made total sense. Eating meat, dairy and eggs means we are getting nutrients filtered through animals bodies - so a second hand absorption along with unwanted items such as growth hormones, cholesterol and saturated fats.

After I learned about the way animals are truly treated and opened my mind and soul - I could never eat any animal product ever again (I will leave some documentaries below for you to learn and make an informed decision yourself). Consciously knowing the truth made it very easy to avoid those items, and I found some easy food swaps and choices which quickly became the norm. But then Christmas happened... and I had to cook for non-vegans... what to make that they would enjoy!

So I did some research and a bit of work in my test kitchen (well just my kitchen and testing the recipes myself... yum!)... it all went down a treat and I had empty plates all round...

What did I make?

Cauliflower cheeze - with an amazing cheezy sauce made out of cashews (my god, it was epic!)

Roasted balsamic brussel sprouts - slow roasted so were super sweet and had a beautiful umami flavour

Roast Potatoes - of course!

Vegan Yorkshire puddings - they came out like little pancakey muffins but everyone loved them!

Mushroom and chestnut wellington - was a lot of work but well worth it!

Seitan - flavoured with mint and herbs

Stuffing balls... beaut!

I do have pictures, but they don't do it justice!

Hopefully this gives you some ideas! I'll post some recipe links I think you'll like for more ideas/options.

This year there seems to be sooo many amazing plant based options you can buy from supermarkets - so it really is more easy than ever to have an amazing, cruelty free christmas! .

Much love and good eating to you all!

Happy Christmas!

Peace begins on our plates xxx

Kim xxx


Dairy is Scary - 5 mins only - very quick to watch but very informative

The Game Changers - shows how we can get all we need - even as athletes -on a plant based diet - super interesting! (Netflix)

Cowspiracy -shows the environmental impact of animal agriculture

Dominion - the hardest thing I have ever seen in my life. But every day I see images from here which reminds me why it's important to be on the right side of history and fight for true kindness and compassion to all animals.


Grateful for sharing this

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Oct 15, 2021
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Thanks Brianna! 💜💜💜

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