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Really good exercise class which has helped my back and mobility in general. The exercises are tricky but there are always easier options. The class is very friendly and the instructor.(Kim) is firm but fair - I would thoroughly recommend it

Pat M

I decided to join Kim at Mint Body and Mind during the Summer of 2021.

I had been experiencing regular back problems from a skiing fall earlier in the year and wanted to
strengthen my back and generally improve my flexibility.

I now
look forward to my weekly lessons with Kim in a very relaxed atmosphere. I am now getting less backache apart from when I overdo it in the garden. My flexibility has also improved dramatically and I would have no hesitation in recommending Pilates at Mint Body and Mind.

Mary L

I joined this Pilates class since 2014 and I can only say that it has done me a lot of good.


My scoliosis condition has eased tremendously and I feel much more fit, energised and flexible. I can do things that I could not before such as sit ups and balance.


I highly recommend Kim and her classes as she never forces you to do anything that you feel you can't do. Because of this, she makes me want to do my best as I know it is for my own benefit.

Minette B

Having a fantastic time with Kim and really enjoy going each week.

Will definitely be signing up to the next block of classes!

Toni B

I’ve attended two classes each week with Kim for several years. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is contagious. Classes can be hard work but are also fun.

I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their strength, balance and flexibility to try Pilates with Kim.

Joy A

Kim’s classes cater for all abilities, with levels to suit everyone.

Her calming influence and gentle instruction always manage to get the very best from you. Who knew Pilates makes you sweat!

Recommend you give it a go - the classes are friendly and we always leave with a smile.

Catherine O

Kim’s classes are so enjoyable, she obviously has so much experience and provides so many options for all levels. She oozes calm and happiness.

Thoroughly recommended.

Heather C

I have been attending Kim’s Pilates classes since 2014.


Kim always takes us through the various levels of an exercise so that we can do the one that most suits on the day.


Kim is very attentive and makes the classes fun and enjoyable.

Sue O

I enlisted the help of Kim for some one-to-one Pilates, when I had been diagnosed my moderate spinal stenosis and could not walk or stand without being in excruciating pain. The back surgeon said that Pilates would help so I gave it a go.


Kim was absolutely amazing. Every week she worked with me, never pushing me too much but always enough that it helped me progress each week.


She has an amazing understanding of the body and how it works and what it needs to get better. Because of the work Kim did with me, encouraging me to continue my exercises during the week, I am almost back to normal and off all pain medication.


I will be continuing to go to classes and would recommend Mint Body and Mind to everyone looking to improve their health, fitness and relieve back pains.

Jane K

Kim is a very good Pilates teacher, she always checks on your wellbeing before you commence the classes. She communicates with what area of the body we will be working on.


I would highly recommend all the classes. The time goes very quickly in the class!


Give it a go!

Deborah M

First class, friendly and professional


This is a wonderful Pilates practice. The instructors are first class, friendly, and fully professional. They provide a safe, supportive and instructive environment to help people of all fitness levels to improve their strength, tone and flexibility.


I am very happy with the results I have been getting, and cannot recommend them enough.

Sacha T

I have suffered for a few years with lower back & pelvis problems, and as Pilates was recommended to me by my chiropractor to strengthen my core I thought I would give it a go.  


I felt the benefits immediately and can honestly say after just four classes my back and pelvis have really improved.  


The classes are enjoyable, friendly and professional. Kim is very supportive and clear and precise with her instructions.  


Pilates is definitely what my back has been crying out for.

Claire P

My health practitioner recommended Pilates just a few days after I was given the Mint Body & Mind brochure so I think it was meant to be!  

I have flexibility issues with my spine and also very poor core stability.  


After just a few sessions with Kim I have already felt a vast improvement with my flexibility and core strength and my posture is definitely improving as well.


Kim has a lovely teaching style and is a very attentive and thorough instructor who ensures her students work to their best ability.


I'm looking forward to learning more from her and improving my health and wellbeing as a result.

Jacqui C


The level of service is second to none and the quality of Kim's teaching skills are excellent even during Lockdown via Zoom!


Pilates with Kim is very good, she puts us through our paces but it does feel good after the session and we have lots of fun too.


Keep up the good work!

Vanda S


Kim is a fantastic and very experienced Pilates teacher. All levels are catered for and every class is slightly different. She obviously puts a lot of thought and planning into every session.I highly recommend her classes

Julie F


Pilates was recommended to me by my physio to help with my lower back pain but I was reluctant to go as I had never done it.

I went along to Kims free taster session and have been hooked ever since.


She is so friendly, welcoming and patient.

You go at your own pace and she supports you at each step. I am so glad I found this class as it has definitely helped with my back 

Kerry S

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