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MBM Pilates - Group Classes

  • Would you like to feel stronger and more confident in your body?

  • Do you suffer from back issues, chronic pains, or need injury rehabilitation

  • Would you like to be able to move freely, without pain

  • Are you local to Maidstone/Chatham and want to be part of a friendly group?

Happy Women - Group classes
If you answered yes to any/all of the above then MBM Group Pilates is perfect for you!


Learn more below about our classes - come along to try one for free and see for yourself how good it feels to move your body!

When you come to an MBM Pilates class

You will get:


🤍 Relieved aches & stiffness - so you can wake up better every day.

🤍 Freedom of movement - so you can enjoy life

🤍 You will feel welcomed, listened to and cherished

🤍 Knowledge that you can build strength and resilience in your body

🤍 Support and guidance to achieve your goals

All of our instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will encourage you to work to your own level on any given day/class.

We promote a relaxing, friendly environment to improve balance, posture, mobility and flexibility.  Pilates is amazing at supporting previous injuries or to progressively rehabilitate through injury. 


MBMPilates feels good and fits with every healthy lifestyle and you will always be welcome.

Group classes

Classes are held in MAIDSTONE or CHATHAM


  • Beechwood Hall, Marigold Way, Barming, Maidstone.  ME16 0NG

  • Vinters Park Community Centre, Aldon Close, Maidstone. ME14 5QF

  • Beechen Hall, 9 Wildfell Close, Walderslade Woods, Chatham ME5 9RU


10:00am - Beginners/Mixed Ability - Beechwood Hall

6:00pm- Mixed Ability - Vinters Park Community Centre

7:00pm - Mixed Ability - Vinters Park Community Centre


10.00am - Mixed Ability - Beechen Hall


6.30pm - Mixed/Intermediate - Beechwood Hall


Places are limited in each class with a couple of membership options.

Silver membership - 1 class/week

Gold membership - 2 classes/week


Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis - if no space available you will go on a waiting list until one becomes available.

FREE TRIALS available - contact us to book or you can book easily via the timetable below.

Find out what our clients say HERE

What our clients say

Pilates Work Out


The level of service is second to none and the quality of Kim's teaching skills are excellent even during Lockdown via Zoom!


Pilates with Kim is very good, she puts us through our paces but it does feel good after the session and we have lots of fun too.


Keep up the good work!

Vanda S

Yoga Pose


This is a wonderful pilates practice. The instructors are first class, friendly, and fully professional.


They provide a safe, supportive and instructive environment to help people of all fitness levels to improve their strength, tone and flexibility.


I am very happy with the results I have been getting, and cannot recommend them enough.

Sacha T



I’ve attended two classes each week with Kim for several years.


Her enthusiasm for Pilates is contagious. Classes can be hard work but are also fun.


I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their strength, balance and flexibility to try Pilates with Kim.

Joy A



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