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Rapid relief :
The 6 week back pain breakthrough

Even if you've tried other treatments that haven't worked

  • Do you have chronic back pain that stops you living life the way you want to?

  • Are you a women over 50?

  • Would you like to be out of pain and enjoy the activities you love to do?

If you answered yes to any/all of the above then this program is perfect for you.

You will:

  • Overcome your back pain 

  • Achieve body freedom

  • Enjoy activities again

  • Move freely

  • Achieve increased flexibility

  • Make special memories free of back pain

  • Maintain your new, pain-free life!

3 Happy women - Rapid relief back pain breakthrough

All this with our guarantee - if you follow our clear steps to success and don't overcome your back pain - you will get your money back!

Mint Body & Mind Wellness offers a unique approach - if you follow our success steps and don't overcome your back pain, you get the course for FREE!


With limited spaces available, register your interest now and start your journey to a pain-free life.

Money-Back Guarantee

Hi! I'm Kim and I help women over 50 finally overcome chronic back pain using my simple to follow, low impact system.

Understanding the frustration of being in pain and not being able to move, is something I've experienced in the past.  I learned how to take control, retrain my brain and become pain-free and I've helped hundreds of others do the same over the years.

If you have struggled to overcome chronic back pain - maybe you didn't know where to start or other things you tried were too complicated or hard to follow.

Kim Wheeler Mint Body & Mind

When you have:

  • an easy-to-follow program

  • accountability

  • uplifting support

  • guaranteed results

Then it's easy to build habits and practices to beat back pain.

How to work with me

I have developed a special, unique program specifically for women over 50 who have chronic back pain.  Even if you are short on time, and have tried other treatments that haven't worked.

For over 15 years, I have been helping women remove or significantly reduce back pain. 


I know that:


  • The principles in this program will change your life

  • You will get rapid pain relief

  • You can start to live life to the full.

  • The knowledge you gain will empower you


You will discover how to make easy to follow habits and changes to achieve long-term results

The great news is:


  1. This course is online, so you can be comfortable in your own environment.

  2. You can feel free to move and explore what your body can do.

  3. It's easy to do and you get guaranteed results!

To apply for the program or receive more information - please register your interest below.

What you get

  • Bespoke goal setting - £99

  • Results tracking - £49

  • Individualised Pilates program - £99

  • 12 x semi-private sessions - £522

  • Custom home workout -£149

  • SMS accountability - £99

  • Group support to help keep you on track - £49

  • Workout pack (Pilates ball & resistance band) - £29

Total value

What you pay



Talking over Coffee

Your commitment

I can help you overcome chronic back pain - but you have to do the work. 

My job is to:

  • guide

  • motivate

  • encourage

  • support you

  • and make it FUN.

Your job is to show up and do the work.


Doing the work” means:


  • Collaborate to set goals you’re excited about

  • Attend 2 live online sessions/week

  • Do your home exercises (max 10 minutes) at least 2 days per week

  • Make small lifestyle adjustments to get you to your goal


This program WILL get you results because of the magic ingredient… consistency!


I’ll help you achieve consistency by coaching, motivating, supporting, and holding you accountable, along with several other elements like creating a habit, flexible goal setting and making your program fun and easy to do.

Register Interest

Fill out the form below to register your interest

Not everyone will be suitable or accepted onto this very special and unique program. 

Only 4 spaces available

Register your interest

What our clients say...


Pilates Work Out


I decided to join Kim at Mint Body and Mind during the Summer of 2021.

I had been experiencing regular back problems from a skiing fall earlier in the year and wanted to strengthen my back and generally improve my flexibility.

I now look forward to my weekly lessons with Kim in a very relaxed atmosphere. I am now getting less backache apart from when I overdo it in the garden. My flexibility has also improved dramatically and I would have no hesitation in recommending Pilates at Mint Body and Mind.

Mary L


A very patient and fun instructor, who adapts exercises to suit the student's particular needs or weaknesses. Has almost eliminated my lower back pain!
Highly recommended!

Linda P-W



I enlisted the help of Kim for some one-to-one Pilates, when I had been diagnosed my moderate spinal stenosis and could not walk or stand without being in excruciating pain. The back surgeon said that Pilates would help so I gave it a go.


Kim was absolutely amazing. Every week she worked with me, never pushing me too much but always enough that it helped me progress each week. She has an amazing understanding of the body and how it works and what it needs to get better.


Because of the work Kim did with me, encouraging me to continue my exercises during the week, I am almost back to normal and off all pain medication. I would recommend Mint Body and Mind to everyone looking to improve their health, fitness and relieve back pains.

Jane K

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