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Rossiter Stretching

Rossiter Stretching is especially good at relieving or eliminating chronic pain.

Rossiter stretching

Do you have any of the below -

  • a constant nagging pain that won’t go away

  • a pain that doesn’t seem to respond to other more traditional therapies

  • repeating lower back and/or sciatic pains with non-specific cause/diagnosis

  • aches anywhere in the body, including ones that seem to move around the body

  • tingling and numbness in arms/legs/extremities

  • frequent sports injuries or overuse injuries

Rossiter pin and stretch technique

If so, Rossiter Stretching could be the perfect fit for you.  You can read more about it on this page or register for more information to work on a pain-reducing, body freedom, bespoke plan for you. 

Mint Body & Mind Wellness is proud to offer the Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST). We are passionate about helping our clients find relief from chronic pain and improving their mobility.


We use a unique two-person stretch system to help:


  • Reduce pain

  • Improve flexibility

  • Increase range of motion

  • Restore connective tissue to a healthy state

This tension-based workout method also improves:


  • circulation

  • and nerve conduction

Rossiter Stretching offers profound, proven results and is a great way to reduce or eliminate all types of pain in the body.

Fill out the below form to get more information on how you can get out of pain

Hole in shoulder Rossiter technique
Foot relief - Rossiter Stretching

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