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10 reasons to attend your Pilates class!

I know, I know! Sometimes life just gets in the way, but be honest with yourself, is that always the case? Let's find some top reasons to attend your Pilates classes so you miss less and get even more benefit!

1) You've likely already paid for your sessions! Unless you are a member of a gym where you can flexibly attend classes, or you are with a pay as you go/pack class system, you will likely have an annual/monthly/6 weekly membership. You obviously love Pilates to be committed enough to pay - so make the most of your hard-earned money and go and enjoy those sessions!!

2) Results, results, results! So if you are attending one class per week - how much other exercise are you doing throughout the rest of your week? Are you just doing 1 hour per week in total, with 6 days and 23 hours of not much else in between? If so, you definitely won't get results if you are skipping your vital 1/week session! If you want to progress in your body movement/freedom then you need to keep moving as much as possible. Maybe it's worth adding a second/third session into your week. It doesn't have to be more than 10-20 min blocks throughout the week at home, if you cannot commit to another structured class. By attending regularly you'll notice the changes and feel great!

3) Social circle - In person classes are GREAT at building friendships and a fun and rewarding class experience. Already you know walking in to a class that EVERYONE has at least 1 thing in common with you! How awesome is that!? How nice is it to walk in somewhere and everyone is pleased to see you? You can create life-long friendships and connections which extend outside of the class environment. However, if you only show up once a month, you are less likely to build those bonds.

4) Mental Clarity - Each week the benefit of taking time out just for yourself is immeasurable. If it's only 1 hour you can manage then it's even more important. A class where you don't need to think about the kids, your work, your housework, or any other pressures/stresses. You can just attend and follow, move and breathe and feel refreshed afterwards. It's like a little brain reset!

5) Commitment to yourself - When you chose to attend Pilates you chose to commit to yourself - whether if was just to start exploring movement, whether you had a certain goal you wanted to achieve or whether it was all that was available local to you! But you chose to start and by adding in that weekly commitment to yourself you are keeping those promises to yourself. You can build trust in yourself by doing what you said you would do.

6) Achieving Goals - Whatever your goal may be - and sometimes it's just to move once per week in a more structured way - you will achieve it faster by working on it little and often. If it's injury rehabilitation you will feel so much better so much quicker. If it's to build body strength, you will layer up quicker by regular practice.

7) You always feel better when you've finished! - Even if it's a little struggle to make your way out of the house and into your class, you know how you feel when you've done the class. Most people feel great afterwards - lots of happy hormones flooding the body, feelings of achievements as you may find you can do a different progression, a shared experience with all the others in your class.

8) Leading by example - By regularly exercising and showing up for yourself you are giving a great example to those around you. Children, friends and family will see you benefitting and enjoying Pilates and see you with your healthy habit. It may inspire them to find a healthy habit of their own.

9) You can always work to your level - Even if you have an off day and feel like it's harder to show up, remember you can always work to your own level. You can take more rests, more stretches, more gentle versions of the exercises. Your instructor should support you and work with how you feel on any given day.

10) It's Fun!!! - Pilates is a fun mode of exercise and it's great learning what your body can do. You can have a laugh with your class mates (depending on the mood of the class). It's about enjoying your body and exploring your relationship with it. Just embrace it in all its glory. Love your body and cherish it, have fun with it!


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