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Discover fat loss with a plant-based diet

When it comes to healthy weight loss, one of the secrets of success is to eat a balanced diet. Balance here means eating the right amount of nutritious food. In our crazy fast food (which really cannot be classes as "food"), take-out world, it is easy to get the quantities wrong and also miss out on the quality as well.

Getting back to the basics is important. Instead of snacking constantly during the day, which we are taught to do (mainly to increase sales of those high fat, high sugar snack items) do your best to eat three filling regular meals. If you do need to snack or have long periods between meals, snack on fruit, small amounts of nuts/seeds or prepared vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, peppers etc... raw goodness will boost your nutrition for the day!

Where possible, cook your own food from scratch, using whole plant foods (such as vegetables, rice, beans and other whole grains). Find some recipes you love and perfect them, playing around with spices and herbs you love. Avoid oils/fat or at least keep to a minimum. You can water-fry your vegetables, use a spray bottle/oil, or measure out so you don't overdo it and glug in lots of high density calorific oils with little to no nutrition. You can cook a lot in slow cookers/pressure cookers (for beans/stews) or use an air fryer to still get that roasted flavour and crispy mouthfeel.

While there are many fad diets (low fat, low carb, etc.) that are being promoted today, it is far better if you can settle into a way of life that you can easily and happily follow for the rest of your life. You can get every essential nutrient/vitamin and mineral you need from plants. (Where do you think the animals get them from?).

You can not only survive on such a diet, but you will thrive as well, and lose weight all at the same time. Try it out. Substitute meat/fish dishes with soy products, lentils and other legumes, and whole grains. There is protein in every single plant. You can get enough protein (especially if you also consume nuts and plant based milk products) so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also enjoy yourself in the process. Instead of an ice cream thick shake, blend together frozen fruits (banana works amazingly and creates a soft scoop ice cream consistency), and/or fresh fruits, with a little plant milk if you wish, and make a healthy smoothie. Losing weight does not require you to compromise; it is only a question of choosing your food well and balancing your lifestyle. Another thing to note, is your tastebuds WILL adjust over time so you will start to crave more nutritious foods and shun more fatty low nutrition (what I call beige) foods!

Eat the rainbow and aim for as colourful plates as you can! When you see this when others eat it, do you think it looks disgusting or do your eyes light up and you think, wow, that looks great/amazing? You know it's your body craving all that goodness! So reward it! You will reap the rewards and feel fantastic to boot!

To really boost your results - you can add in some consistent exercise. This doesn't have to be huge to begin with. It can be just adding in a walk a day, then increasing the intensity, frequency or length each week. Maybe start some resistance work (or Pilates if you are not already!) and practice regularly for best results.

Give it a go and start to feel great!

Enjoy the journey!

Peace & Love xxx

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